Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

I just got home from my crown appointment. The temporary crown is in place. The perm goes on on the 4th.

First time I've had nitrous. The doc, in attempting to describe the sensation, mentioned it was like having a couple glasses of champagne.

He had to use more than that on me. I believe he turned it a couple notches past what is normally 'high'. But, it worked wonderfully. Towards the end, I had him turn it back down, as it was getting a little unpleasant. But I went from "there's no way I can drive home. I can barely walk to the front counter to pay" to "ok, heading home now" in about 2 minutes. Pretty good.

Except, the effects are a bit too MUCH like being drunk.
First, as many of you know, I'm a very... affectionate drunk. And this stuff was /strong/. I consciously avoided hitting on the assistant. I /did/ pinch the doc's cheek.
Second, though I've learned to mitigate the problems I used to have when sobering up from alcohol - most notably the CRIPPLING DEPRESSION - this was a bit to fast and strong for that. So on the drive home I'm nearly breaking down in tears (which wouldn't have been a problem, as I was stuck in rush hour traffic on Madison). Particularly when I called loree and find out she's not at home and there are no head-pettin's in my immediate future.

So, that was less than pleasant. But, it mostly seems to have passed now. now I just have to deal with a whiny dog and a tooth that tastes Wrong. The numbness is irritating, but not as bad as it could be.

I don't think I'll bother filling the percocet scrip.
Tags: dentist, drugs, things that are wrong with my brain
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