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Long weekend, much to catch you up on.

Friday, I threw a party. To celebrate three years at amazon, 26.5 years on this planet, and the closest Mars has been to earth for quite a while. Lots of people showed up, tho many I'd hoped to see didn't. It went really well. The LN2 icecream came out well, the mars-viewing kept many people's attention thru the evening, and in general fun seemed to be had by all. At the party, I talked to Greg, who I worked with at Loudeye, about a job opening where he's at. This is while he's showing off his new car and camera. So, I sent Greg links to my resume, and he forwarded them to the owner of the place. The guy calls me sunday while I'm at Bumbershoot and we chat for a minute and he says he'll call me monday. More on that in a minute.

Saturday loree and I went to alki for breakfast, Then we picked up eogan and hit Olympic Hot Tub company. Looked at several models. Went back that evening for a test soak, and decided we liked the Tiger River 'Siberian'. So we filled out the credit app. They're having a sale... buy by labor day and get no payments, no interest until next august. So, we bought a hot tub. It'll be delivered in a couple weeks, I think. We'll probably have to throw a party a few weeks later.

Sunday, Dana and I went to Bumbershoot. My first time there, and I only went to see Evanescence. We got there around 2 or so, wandered around shopping and eating and shopping more. Really good roasted corn. The stadium the main stage was in sucks, as do the potheads we were frequently downwind from. But cold was entertaining, and then Evanescence was on. Worth the sore feet and aching muscles and lack of oxygen and ticket prices. I'm so very glad I went. They even did Even In Death. As well as some Metalica and Nirvana.

Today, I sat around at home. Dialed in for a bit to deal with stuff for the MF guys.. I'm too damned nice. While doing that the guy from Crown College called. We spent a half hour or so talking. He told me about what they do and his ision for distance learning technology and what the job would involve and money and such. But he's basically offering me a job sight-unseen, based only on my resume and Greg's recommendation. He offered to match my current salary, and it's likely that would advance faster than it has at amazon. No benefits, however, which is a hurdle to overcome. Also, it's in Tacoma, but I could telecommute pretty much as much as I want, just come in when I actually need to be there (apparently he only goes in twice a week). So, it's tempting. Very. If I was really annoyed with Amazon right now, I'd probably have given him a tentative acceptance. But things aren't too bad right now, so I need to think about it, talk about it with some people - including my boss - and figure out the insurance thing.

Tonight's West Wing was good. Now I'm watching random anime waiting for Bebop.
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