Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Nifty little windows mobile app I came across while looking for a better email client: VoiceMinder. Let's you record an audio note, which the Notes feature will do as well, but then it'll /email/ the note to you, which means I'll actually /remember/ that I took the note, and listen to it again soon, rather than several months later when I'm bored and browsing thru My Documents. And it seems to work quite well. I just wish Thunderbird would play attached wavs inline, rather than having to open Quicktime.

Relatedly, the same people put out FlexMail, which works pretty well for my home email (imap), tho I'm going to play with it a while longer before deciding if it's actually better than pocket outlook. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be willing to initiate the sync for 'activesync' mail, which pocket outlook will happily do, connecting to the work exchange server to get my work stuff. Using two different apps to read my different emails will be annoying, and having to open activesync before opening email will be annoying, so it might not work out in that regard. BUT, if it can display inline images, which it appears it can tho I haven't tested it, that would be a MASSIVE improvement. Not displaying HTML emails and not displaying inline or attached images are the only things that made me look for an alternative to pocket outlook in the first place.
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