Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

And, after another phone call with an e*trade broker, I'm informed that they just can't waive the fees. They have to pay to make the trade, and they're not willing to eat the cost to avoid a really pissed off customer. Tho, I suppose, the fact that I'll be a really pissed off EX-customer might be feeding their unwillingness.

Here's my portfolio, as it stands:

AAPL, 4 shares, $88.14/share, $352.56
MSFT, 4 shaes, $27.68/share, $110.72 (And, again, I paid about $103/share for two shares back when I got them)
HOTT, 4 shares, $10.85/share, $43.40
WIN, 1 share, $14.63/share, $14.63

per-trade commission, $12.95. That would eat MORE than one share, or 30%, of the gross income from the HOTT, and almost the entire gross (88.5%) of the WIN.

To get certificates is $40. The Apple and the Microsoft are, I suppose, worth that. The others are most definitely not.

So, basically, E*TRADE gets all of my money either way. I could, quite honestly, not care less about their costs in all this. Their fees are the reason I'm leaving, and the ones I'm annoyed with are entirely their own choice.
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