Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

* Sold off the last of my Amazon stock. Lower than I'd've liked, but not too bad. As soon as the trade clears, I'll request a check and close my Schwab account.

* I just got off the phone with E*Trade. Before we close the account, I have to get the stock out of it. To have them send me certificates will take 3-6 weeks. Ok, fine, whatever. Oh, it'll also cost $40 per security. Um. $160, for a total of 13 shares of stock, worth a total of $521.74? Fuck you, no. ONE of them is a single share worth $14.66, and E*Trade's standard price is $40 to get my fucking stock OUT of your system? FUCK YOU.

I did not say that on the phone. I said it was stupid and ridiculous and outrageous. And then I hung up and hit my desk and yelled a lot at anybody who would listen.

My left hand hurts.

* On phone again, to see if I can get the fees waived or adjusted.
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