Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium


Left work around noon to come home and sleep, so I could launch between 12-2am. Did stuff, went to bed around 245 or 3ish, after taking a large dose on benadryl.
Nothing, for 3 hours. Laid there, tossed and turned. Couldn't sleep. Gave up, got up, did more stuff. See previous entries. Went in to work a bit after midnight. Princess parking, in what's normally a 30min spot during the day. Free, too. Benefits of being up at ungodly hours. Got set up. Nick arrives, we start. Things went as well as I should have expected, but much worse than I hoped. I, as always, underestimated the pain that Issuetracker would cause me, and also underestimated the pain that PHP in general would cause me. Got everything fixed. Got everything updated. Did the flip to the new service around 3am. Manually prcessed all issues in the two databases that did not match. Left around 5:40.

Crawled into bed at 5:54, reset my alarm from 6am to 7am. And... nothing. Couldn't sleep. Tossed and turned until the alarm went off.

In short, in the past 24.5 hours, I've had less than 15 minutes of cumulative unconsciousness and no actual sleep. And now I'm showered and dressed and about to leave to go to the dentist.

After, I will come home and crawl into bed, and not get out until either I've had some sleep or I just can't stand it anymore.

If you need me ... well, if you need me, go to hell. yeah.

Tags: popcap, sleepy, work
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