Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium


Helped set up the new plasma tv at work this morning. But I think I burnt up all of my coordination points for the day. After that things went downhill very quickly. After I putt the empty box from the TV in the doorway of my cube, Michael was talking about something they needed done, and I pretended to beat him with my pimp cane (it's a hollow plastic thing that Liz got me). I was, in fact, hitting the box, and coming close, but not actually hitting him. No problems yet. But, later he came back, and was pushing the box slowing into my cube. So I did it again. But this time, I didn't miss. I smacked him rather hard in the forehead. Very embarrassing. Profuse apologies, and he went away. Hans comes by a little later, and says that, since Michael is still walking around, he's canceling the order for the car (He ordered me a Tesla, see. Well, he /said/ he did. He might have been lying, I suppose...). So, I grab the cane, and rush out of my cube to beat Michael to death. That's the idea, anyway. Except, I pushed the box out of the doorway, it falls over, and I trip over it. I grab for the cube wall on the way down, but instead grab the plant box on top of it. The plant box proceeds to topple into Josie's cube, spilling dirt all over, while I do a sideways somersault and land square on top of my leatherman.

Drew plenty of attention. Limping around, got the dustbuster, helped clean up the mess. Then, home. 'cause, damn, I'm just a menace. At least at home, if I break stuff, it's mine.

Now, I'm rather crushingly depressed, which is kinda odd. I mean, I've had bad days before, but this is somethin' else.

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