Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

No, really, we're GIGANTIC dorks.

This evening on MidgardMOO:
[... questions about torrent sites, answers, etc ...]
Marty starts the download. yay.
You take a shiny ruby bead from your pocket and give it to neuro.
You take a shiny emerald bead from your pocket and give it to uwiz.
mab says, "no bead for me?"
You take a shiny copper bead from your pocket and give it to mab.
Marty says to mab, "you didn't help with my torrent problem. but, ok."
mab says to Marty, "neither did nr!"
mab fails
Marty says to mab, "nr gave me the url I was looking for."
Marty says to mab, "uwiz gave me the url I needed."
mab says to Marty, "uh."
uwiz [to mab]: i'm having a dns problem with that
mab says to uwiz, "as well you should, unless someone turned my brain into a dns server and didn't TELL ME"
Marty says to mab, "I'll pay to register, and host, that site, if you'll run and populate it."
mab says to Marty, "Fish already hooked me in for running and populating a website."
mab . o O ( if we put girls with chocolate on their nipples on it... )
You grin.
Marty says to mab, "well, if fish won't let you put nipples on his site, the offer stands."
mab will think about it.
Marty resists the urge to register it now anyway.
mab says, "what's the max length for a domain these days?"
neuro says to mab, "eight inches."
You ask, "63 characters?"
You say, "long."
wiz [to neuro]: except in porn, where it's 17-18
You say, "dynadot's field won't take the url, but it'll take the domain name."
mab says to Marty, "oh really. I was going to suggest 'broad'"
[...time passes...]
Marty discovers he still has the dynadot window open.
Marty spends a few more moments pondering buying that domain.
You ask, "remember when buying a domain was a Thing? when it was expensive enough that you'd actually think twice about it? and would only buy the other TLDs if you REALLY needed to?"
You say, "kids these days don't know what it was to spend real money on domain names."
uwiz says, "now it's more like 'oh crap i sneezed and bought an entire registry"
You nod.
You say, "$7.99."
GrendelFish asks of Marty, "When it was a huge geeky thing that we did it at dinner once as a joke?"
You say, "Someone says something funny, five minutes later, it's a registered domain in half the country codes on the planet."
You say, "oh, the the hell. for $8, I can buy a stupid domain. if we don't get any topless women for it, I'll let it expire."
Marty only registers the .com
You say, "well, it doesn't go anywhere special yet, but there we go."
Marty | (
mab says to Marty, "... you really did register it, didn't you."
Marty says to mab, "for $8, it's hard not to"
Marty says to mab, "goes to what I was saying before."
You say, "when you remember the days when a domain was $70 for the first year, or whatever it was back then..."
mab nods to you.
uwiz says, "$70 plus a perfect hecatomb"
uwiz says, "and 2.5h on hold with netsol"

And no, I haven't set up a virtual server for it, so it just goes to the midsys page my website. But, if anybody wants to run it as a site, I'll get you set up for it. Or if people just want to gather content, I'll post it. ::) (or, you know, submit your own)
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