Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

T-Mobile, my ass. My ass, T-Mobile. Now kiss and make up.

You may recall that I ditched my MDA in favor of a Nokia 6133. I've been quite happy with it, as it does everything I wanted it to do. Voice dialing is mediocre, but I don't actually use my headset that much anymore anyway, so it's not a big deal. And it's got a physical keypad and one-touch dialing, so even with the headset, I can dial without looking anyway.

But, the phone does J2ME, and has a full data plan on it, so I wanted to be able to add a few little things, like Google Maps Mobile. I also downloaded Bluepulse (I signed up for it, realized they didn't have a client for the MDA, and forgot about it, until I was notified that I had a message waiting) and wanted to play with that. But, neither can access the network. And the menu option to set network access is greyed out. Grump.

So, I call tech support. I get escalated to tier2. Tier2 can't fix the problem, but is generally helpful. Gives me the number for Nokia, and points me to I go there and find a thread about tmobile and java apps on nokias. The consensus is that T-Mobile, not nokia, chose to install firmware that prevents third party apps from accessing the network.

I call them back. First I'm disconnected waiting for the transfer to tier2. Then the tier1 can't hear me. On my third call back, I get thru, tier1 breezes me thru to tier2, and tier2 and I begin the dance. She researches and I tell her what I found. After 10 or 20 minutes, we come to the conclusion that, although the phone was /designed/ and /built/ to support more advanced data services and java apps, tmobile does not sell it for that purpose, instead pushing their more expensive data phones (MDA, SDA, etc). I thank her for being very helpful, and ask to speak to a supervisor.

Supervisor comes on, I explain my sad story: MDA crashes, switch to new phone. Happy with it, but want a little more, try it out, talk to tier2, find out tmobile did it. "So, I guess my question is, why did T-Mobile sell me a defective phone?" "It's not defective, it--" "I'm sorry, I meant an INTENTIONALLY CRIPPLED phone.". We dance some more. She has to tow the party line, of course, and I don't blame her for that, but I'm cranky and pushy and, in the end, she suggests that it's /possible/, but /unlikely/, that unlocking the phone (that is, carrier-unlock) might fix the problem. "Ok, why don't we try that?" But I have to wait until I've had the phone for 90 days. "Why?" Because I might turn around and sell the phone. "Why would I do that? I just bought it.", etc. I've been a customer for 3 years! I still /have/ my last FIVE phones! I'm not going to sell this thing I paid a hundred bucks for, I'd be better off selling the MDA! She goes away, then comes back and says she was wrong, I only have to have been a /customer/ for 90 days. Mmhmm. However you need to save face. So, she's going to have them send me an unlock code, and we'll see if that does any good.

Meanwhile, my ear hurts and is all sweaty.
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