Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium


So, I'm still sick. Went to the doctor on Friday, and got put on antibiotics and a different cough suppressant. As of yesterday, I was feeling better, which would be the first day in a week that I hadn't felt worse than the previous, so that's good.

Yesterday, our friend Franklin came down and did some plumbing work for me. I bought this Cornelius soda machine off norman_hamer a year or two back, and it's just been sitting on the counter waiting for me to hook it up. Unfortunately, I know exactly /nothing/ about plumbing. I can screw things together, but when it comes to figuring out how to get from point a to point b via various piping and other stuff, I start curling into a fetal position. SO, Franklin offered to do it for me. He came over, took it apart, read the instructions, pulled all the hoses out, and we went to home depot. bought new hoses and connectors and a filter and so forth, came back, and he got it all hooked up. Water flows thru it. CO2 flows thru it. It can make soda water. I wouldn't want to take it, just yet. Need to flush the system some more.

Unfortunately, while testing it, something Broke, and the magic smoke came out, somewhere around the control panel. Unplugged it, and I've since removed the panel. I can't see any damage, but the entire back is coated in epoxy, so it's hard to tell. The valves can all be worked manually, so I ran water thru each of the syrup pumps and got lots of nasty residue out. With the control panel removed, I plugged it back in and it makes noise, but I'm not sure the compressor is actually working. The fan doesn't run, for one thing, and the manual doesn't make it clear whether it should be all the time or not. I left it plugged in well past the 5-minute restart delay, with no change. So, I've unplugged it again. I need to spend some more time looking thru the manual and poking around with it. I also need to see if I can find a place to get a replacement control panel for a decent price. And a new solenoid or two, as the water-only valve's solenoid is a bit rusty and sticks.

But, progress has (finally) been made!
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