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who needs drugs?

Well, I do, clearly, as I'm on quite a few of them at the moment. I feel like complete and utter crap. BUT, I can make things a bit better by going back to an old favorite for modifying me brain chemistry, adjusted to include the newer benefits of yuppitude: really really loud music. I don't need moderately expensive headphones to listen to my music at dangerously high levels anymore. I have an expensive stereo and a subwoofer.

Of particular value for raising my mood today has been The Open Door, Evanescence's latest, specifically track one (Sweet Sacrifice), and the first chorus of track 11 (Your Star), both of which I quite enjoy as songs and both of which have very very good basslines. Particularly the latter, that first chorus runs over a very writhe-worthy growling bass.

I really need to get the rest of the speakers hooked up. But for now the 4.1 is doing the trick.
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