Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

back to the credit cards

20 cards I've got in my spreadsheet..
Filtering out all the variable rates, I'm left with 6. Of those:
Lowest rate is BECU, at 6.9% (I have, in every case, assumed the lowest listed rate. If I can't get that, in pretty much every case, I wouldn't accept the card anyway).
Highest rate is Sovereign at 9.9%.

The BECU card has a rewards program you can sign up for at $25/y, but it's not overly exciting.

Three of the BoA cards are fixed, and are all 7.9%. Of those, the WorldPoints seems to be the most potentially useful rewards program, merely from having - as far as I can tell without being able to log into their reward systems - the widest range of options. The cash rewards start out at 0.5%, tho, and only get up to 1% at a fairly high point. On the other hand, it's possible the Elite Rewards is WorldPoints Plus, but it's very unclear.

The Capital One Platinum Max card has no rewards program, is 8.9%, BUT has the interesting features of guaranteed no change in APR for 3 years, and they'll never increase the APR because of late payment or over-limit.

So, to summarize:
* BECU wins on pure interest rate.
* CapOne wins on, let us say, 'security'. Not having to worry about the APR or other stuff is nice.
* BoA wins on rewards program.

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