Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

not related to credit cards

I have a phone interview scheduled this afternoon, for another tools engineer.
Ignoring the fact that I'm sick, and getting worse, and very well may go home early and reschedule the interview.. I am unprepared for this. I'm /really bad/ at interviewing people. Technical interviewing, at any rate. At amazon I usually did social-fit stuff, which worked out quite well. For me at least. Got into more technical stuff when I had to do phone screens, but they weren't nearly as in-depth as an interview needs to be.
But this is basically an interview for my minion, so I should really oughta have some good technical questions. This is harder than for a webdev, as this is really a full-on factotum position. I need to know if he can design a user interface, design a database, bleed perl, and breathe ruby. Over the phone, in this case.

Anybody have specific suggestions?
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