Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Credit is as credit does

So, before applying for a new card - I still haven't decided what to apply for, mind you - I decided I should check my credit report. I haven't done so for about a year and a half. So, I pulled my Equifax report. I'll pull transunion in 4 months and experian in 8. Went ahead and paid the $8 to get my credit score, to, 'cause hey. I'm rather pleased with it: 736. Go me. But, interestingly, there were a couple of accounts on the report that I didn't recognize. Looking at the dates (january 2006) and the credit limits ($7500 and $5000) and the transactions (none) and the types (one joint, one individual), I figured out that they must be from when we were setting up for the final phase of the window replacement, and Statewide was trying to arrange financing, as we weren't sure we were going to be able to get the HELoC. They couldn't, as the creditor they were going with refused to give us enough money to pay for the windows. We ended up getting the HELoC and paying for them outright using that instead. But, apparently, the company that Statewide went to went to GE Money and actually /opened/ the accounts, before refusing to give us enough money. So, I called the number attached to the account in the report, which was GE Money, fought my way past their automated system (Please enter your account number. "I don't have a full account number. I press 0." You must enter your account number. "0". Repeat 3 times, until it FINALLY gives up and goes to a menu), and talked to a nice helpful lady who found the accounts, verified there hadn't been any fees or traffic or anything, and closed them for me. But now I'm wondering, given that because of this my credit report shows /THREE/ credit lines all opened in january 2006, for a grand total of $109,700, whether I should call and dispute these two accounts, to get them expunged, rather than showing up as closed as they will in a month or two. I'm rather of the opinion that an account that I never knew existed, was never told about, never used, and never had access to should not be showing up on my credit history.

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