Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

So, I left work around lunchtime, and headed out to do some shopping. Hit Greybar, then to southcenter. Went to the tmobile store, and looked at what they had. Talked to the guy there about my options. The samsung I really liked the design of a) didn't have voicedial and b) has been discontinued. But, there's a nokia and another samsung that I like well enough, and I can get the nokia for $100, and the samsung for $150. Went to lunch at red robin, came back, looked some more. Talked to the girl there. Asked if I could drop my sim into one and test things. No, can't get the security thingies off, and they can't let me play with one in a box. BUT, she's heard of some issues with the samsung in terms of what I need, and she said a guy had come in and verified syncing to a mac with the nokia. So, I bought the nokia. Say hello to the new MartianTelecom, a Nokia 6133. I tested it with the 770 there in the store, before I paid, and it worked. I'm pretty happy with it. Got it home, and found that iSync did NOT like it natively, but I found some 'plugins' to make it happy. Had to make my own icon tho.

Anyway, all is now well.
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