Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Ok, anybody have any suggestions for a cell phone? Must be t-mobile, must have bluetooth, must be able to connect to their EDGE network. I must be able to connect a computer THRU it to the edge network. I don't care if the phone itself has any internet capabilities, I don't need them anymore.

It must NOT run windows mobile PPC. I might CONSIDER smartphone, but would really prefer to get away from windows mobile altogether. I'm sick of it. Completely totally fed up.

I picked up my phone this morning to discover that the nightly auto-backup had failed. Well, no big. Oh, wait, most of my apps are missing. The hell? Check the file manager. Why is there a directory called 'Storage Card', with stuff in it, and then 'Storage Card2', with the SD card mounted on it? What the FUCK did you DO, microsoft? So, attempt to restore an earlier backup, which should put things back to normal. It runs out of disk, WHAT? cancel the restore, reboot.. won't boot. So, to get it working again, I'm going to need to reflash it, then restore, probably an even EARLIER backup.

So, yeah, I'm done. I want something I can make phone calls with and something I can use to connect my Nokia770 AND my laptop to the internet with. Anything else is extra.

Adding to the problem here is that I'm not up for a replacement phone yet, so 'cheap' would be a good thing as well, tho there really isn't such a thing in cell phones these days.
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