Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium


Vodopan is a simple public-services box. It runs the moos, mysql server, svn and cvs. That's it.
Vode took 7 hours to restore, more or less. Granted, a chunk of that was me tearing the network apart, electronically speaking, looking for my database backups. But, 7 hours.

Oort is a different beast. Oort is my personal linux box. It's there for me to play with, to toss random software on, or write random software on, and experiment and play and do Things. It reads my bank accounts. It reads my mail and pulls out URLs I've sent myself. Oort is a direct data descendant of Ra, my old linux box. There's stuff on this system that's been around as long as I've been running linux. That's about 12 years.
Oort is.. a much more complicated restore. Operating system is in. Mysql server is in. Webserver is in. But I'm still going through finding all the perl modules that are missing, and the libraries they depend on, and the tools that aren't installed by default that some little script somewhere (that I've long since forgotten about but which half of my other tools depend on) needs. Tedious. But, I have to say, not nearly as tedious as it was under Gentoo. At least I don't have to wait to build everything. [I /liked/ what I got from built-on-site code, but DAMN was it slow. Esp when you're, I dunno, upgrading glibc.]

I'm still working on picking up all the pieces. I've stayed home today to continue working on it.
It's nice to have a boss who's understanding in these sort of circumstances.

Interestingly, I've switched apt from to, and it's /about/ 10 times faster. Nice, considering the former, with a 2gbit connection, is supposedly the fastest one they've got on this continent. Ah well.

Back to tracking down the broken bits.
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