Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

looking at the big picture

Went out to Redmond today to look at the Big Picture facility there. I'd already looked at the Seattle facility, but I like the redmond one better. Lots of free parking, unlike belltown, and the layout is, I think, better.

Got some more specific numbers. Rachel, who was showing me around, brought up the fact that they could hook up xboxes and playstations to the projector before I even did. Closing time is midnight; evening pricing, which is a flat rate $1800, starts at 5. 31 March /is/ available. For 100 people, they'll need 4-5 staff on hand, which includes 1 manager ($145 <= 5h) and 4 staffers ($125 <= 5h), so if I ran things 5-12, 7 hours (including an hour of setup and party starting at 6), we're looking at $850 for staffing. Booze can be done more or less how I want: drink tickets, prepaid, cash bar, whatever. I'd most likely pre-pay a specific amount and after that's spent it reverts to cash bar. Drinks run as much as $8.50 for specialty cocktails, so basically bar prices. They /will/ do Dishwashers for me.

So, we're looking at $2650 for the facility plus staffing. Say, $1k for booze (even at $8.50 for every drink that's more than one drink per person), and a quick review of metropolitan market's catering menu tells me I can feed you moochers for between $5 and $15 per person, depending how much I decide I like you. So, I can probably make this happen for about $5500 or less. Which puts it pretty much where I wanted it to be.

So. I've just gotten off the phone, and booked the redmond facility for 31 March. She's going to send me the contract by email.

edit: Went ahead and spec'd $1500 for drinks, which will include non-alcoholic stuff too.
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