Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

A bit over a month later, let's see, where am I at...

  • Reinstalling windows on Rukbat for littlemystories - Still working on it. Have run into a sequence of problems, the most recent of which is files refusing to copy off the windows cd. I've swapped out different drives (I've got four spares laying around) and the current one seems to be working. If it continues not to work, I'll try an XP Pro disc and see if that helps.
  • Reinstalling linux on Rigel - Haven't started. I've got the blank drive sitting here tho.
  • Upgrading mysql on Vodopan - Haven't started. I've decided I'll definitely reinstall the OS first.
  • Finish hooking up the A/V equipment in the new entertainment center, including rehanging all the speakers - Done, sorta. Five of the 8 speakers are set up (two front, two back, one sub. still need two side and center). Also, I bought a component video switch, since I have more component sources than I have inputs (two on the tv, two on the stereo, and the stereo is taking one from the tv). That isn't connected yet. But, everything is currently usable until I decide to add anything else to the system (like, reconnecting the playstation or something)
  • Cleaning the library, including reorganizing the bookshelves - Pff. Right. Well, I managed to mostly clear off the old coffee table. Anybody want it? Ikea, not in the current catalog. Wheels, glass top, wood storage below. It's nice, we just don't have anywhere for it and we're tired of tripping over it in the dark.
  • Cleaning the bunker. Again. - Uh, right.
  • Burning the house down - My attempts to ensure that the returning power would 'accidentally' start a fire were for naught
  • Killing the entire human species, en mass. - Very little progress made.

Hmm. Not doing very well.
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