Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Met someone really cool today at neuro's party. She's really cute, and smart and etc etc you get the idea. Spent a large portion of the evening either pining quietly or attempting to flirt in my pitiful way. I... Was as transparent as I could manage, facilitated by being very nicely drunk. I even made her a drink, finishing off both the midori and the s&s for her midori sour. She seemed to like it. I have NO idea what her opinions on the matter were, since every time I thought of asking her aside for a quick chat suddenly became inopportune. I thought maybe I'd stick around until everybody was filtering out and chat quickly as she was on her way back to her place, but it got to be 230 with no sign of winding down soon, so I decided I had to head out or risk falling asleep at the wheel. So now I'm home. And I just did something I have never, in my life to the best of my knowledge, done before. I asked someone out. I sent her an email asking if she'd "be interested in being bought dinner some time". It's a good thing (?!?) that SMTP doesn't support recalling messages. Oh, and here's the fun (?!?) part.. She's got my LJ now, I'm sure, and will see this entry. I have to go find a big rock to crawl under and Hide now. *whimper*
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