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Ok. Let's see.

Power flickered on and off a bit. I was woken up by the subwoofer booming when the power would come back. I turned it off and went back to bed. Around 1:30, it went off for good, and the UPSes started screaming. Started shutting servers down, while loree shut down the desktops upstairs. Got everything off, killed the UPSes, and went back to bed. In the morning, get ready to go out, and realize I'm out of syringes. Shit. Power is still out, so nearby pharmacies are probably also closed. Plus, most of the pharms don't open until 9am anyway. Drive around looking anyway. Drive by walbourn's place and see he's lost some shingles. More driving around. In the end, we decided to grab some real breakfast, and by this time it's almost 9am anyway. So, we go to the Bartell's in the junction, then go to meet up with Chuck at Luna Park. They're... busy. So we go to Denny's instead. They're equally busy. But, bigger and with a theoretically larger staff. About 20min to be seated. Another 20 until our order is taken. I've got an 11am meeting, so I'm starting to worry a bit. Got our food, finally got the bill, paid, and it's about a quarter after 11. Bah. Rush off, drop off Loree, get to work. Dash over to meet with HR. Meeting was very short, HR was happy.
Work was work. All but finished my spellchecker. Day ended early, 'cause everybody was off to get ready for the company holiday party. During the day, Loree and I decided to go ahead and get a room at the Monaco (where the party was being held), since we probably wouldn't have power back, and they take animals.
Went home, power was still off. Packed up, got the dog, went to the hotel. Spent a good 15 minutes getting from 1st Ave to 4th Ave. Seriously. And then ended up circling the block because I didn't want to triple-park. Ended up double-parking as it was on the second pass. Got checked in, handed dog off to the front desk to watch, went up to room, changed, chilled for a minute, then went down to the party.

Party kicked ass. Serious ass. Good food, good drinks - open bar, AW YEAH. I taught the bartenders to make Purple Monkey Dishwashers. I actually had people coming to me because they couldn't remember the name and wanted one. Finally met the new web pm who sits in the cube next to me, much to my subsequent angst. ;;) Took some pictures with other people's cameras, had some good conversations, watched a lot of really bad karaoke. Went back to the room around 130ish, I think.

Slept. Badly. Damned hard beds.

This morning, we got up, decided to see if we could extend our stay, in case the power was out. Decided that I'd drive home real quick, before checkout time, and if the power was still out, we'd extend the stay another night. Called down to the front desk first to verify it was possible.. and no, they're completely booked for tonight. Ok, nevermind. Pack up. Hand off the dog and luggage to the front desk, and pop into Sazerac for breakfast. Got the darkest chocolate milk in history. Seriously, it was like a liquid mousse. Was good. Also good bacon, good sausage, great ham.

Got the car (eventually. Valet was REALLY backed up.), went home. Power's still out. Cage the dog, and go to the grocery store, to get food that doesn't require refrigeration and can be cooked on the stove. Ended up at the Safeway on Roxbury, which was apparently operating entirely on generators. They were open, but with minimal lighting, and the freezers all closed. It was, in fact, the nicest grocery shopping experience I've ever had. Not too loud, not too bright. It was great. We got a lot of soup, some pasta, pasta sauces, chips and cookies and.. we got hungry while shopping, what do you want? Lots of random stuff. While shopping, Chuck got his power back. Checked out, went home. Still no power. Instead of going in, went on to UVillage, because Loree wanted to pick up something from the liquor store that was only available at that location. I learned, while circling the parking lot (there was /no/ parking to be had. The place was a complete madhouse. So I circled while she shopped), I discovered there's a Sony Style store. I'll have to pop in there some time after xmas. Maybe during my week off. After that, we drove across to Ballard and hit Wendy's, then went back home. And the power was back! YAY! We got home around 330, and the power had been on for just over half an hour at that point (one of the clocks resets itself to 12:00 and then starts ticking when it loses/regains power). Rather than restarting all the servers then, I decided to do what I'd been meaning to do for a few months... rewire the server rack. There were a LOT of cables in there for machines that weren't there anymore. Plus, it needed dusting very badly. Unplugged everything, reorganized, rotated, wiped down, vacuumed.. Vodopan was DISGUSTING inside. TONS of dust. Anyway. Took about 4.5 hours to tear everything down and set it back up, which included constructing a makeshift shelf to put the console monitor on. Yay, I no longer have to sit on the floor in the dark to shut the servers down. Now, there are only cables on the rack that actually go somewhere, and there's room to add a couple more machines. I /will/ need to do a little bit to the power distribution later, as all the computers are plugged directly into the UPS, instead of into power strips.

So. Everything's back to normal.
I hurt, a lot. I'm not taking anything for it, since my doctor's medical assistant scolded me about painkillers. I've got this unidentified stomach /thing/ going on. We're treating it like reflux for the moment, and doing so seems to be taking care of it, but it isn't presenting like any reflux I've ever had before.
Loree's at work, since someone on the night shift couldn't make it it. She's on until midnight.
Email is trickling in, as servers realize we exist again. I still think I need to do that offsite backup MX thing.
I'm trying to decide between finding some food and going to bed.
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