Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

So, I got rid of my last personal credit card back in February. I've still got the house amex, but that doesn't count. I had originally planned to apply for an Amazon card in August, but never got around to it. Plus, in looking at it, the rewards program just isn't /that/ rewarding (plus, I don't spend nearly as much money at amazon as I did when it used to be my job to stare at the stuff we were selling for 8 6.5 hours a day).

So, I did some quick shopping around - this would be several months ago - on the web for other credit cards, found a site that did some comparisons, but didn't have a wide range of cards covered.

Recently, Chase had been tossing around ads for their Freedom card, which lets you switch between cash back and points, so I went to the website and looked at the details, such as they list. Which, it turns out, are somewhat thin. 'Qualified grocery stores', etc. They don't really say what qualifies them (except to say "we do not determine whether merchants correctly identify and bill transactions as being made at grocery stores...", which, what, you don't get the 3% unless it says "GROCERY STORE" in the description line? or what?), nor do they give any examples, but they DO say they reserve the right to determine which purchases qualify. Also, 3%/3pt. Same rate of return as the Amazon card.

So, I figure, hey, I've got friends (or people on the internet who can pass for friends when the need arises). Some of them have money (or, at least, debt). I'll ask them.

Anybody have a strong recommendation for or against any specific card from any specific bank?

Overall, I don't really /care/ about travel rewards, since I don't travel often enough to make them worthwhile. So miles cards don't interest me. Here's-a-free-trip-to-bermuda-first-class-and-hotel cards might be interesting, but not very useful if I can only go between december 2nd and december 4th, and only earn the reward after spending $1.5B. So, whatever.

Money-back cards that give it back thru a specific store (like the Amazon card) are okay, as long as it's somewhere I shop frequently enough and spend enough money (a QFC card could work, I suppose).
Money-back cards that give actual money back are more useful tho, I should think.

Charity benefiting cards are theoretically nice, but from what I can tell most of them only seem to help out the associated charity when you sign up and not after, so BFD.

Are there any other types of benefit programs I might be interested in?
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