Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Entered the codes for my 12 month xbox membership and points (thanks walbourn). Downloaded the halo3 video. Nice. Saw there was a how-to video for the piece of Gears I was stuck on. Decided to try it again myself before downloading. Took four tries, largely because I couldn't remember how to dive out of the way, but got it. Whee.
Painted nails. After dinner yesterday, loree wanted to stop into Ulta, and I ended up buying some ORLY 'Bonder' (rubberized basecoat), ORLY 'Won't Chip' (polymer topcoat), and O.P.L. 'Purple with a Purpose'. First time I've used a basecoat. Pretty good shade of purple, and the base- and top coats say they should prevent chipping and peeling for up to two weeks. We'll see how well this works out.

And I need a better icon for "I'm a pretty pretty girl"...
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