Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

I tend to be a little.. demanding of my computers. I'm a power user in the extreme, and a hacker in the proper sense of the term. I tend to push things as far as they'll go, sometimes on purpose, sometimes not.

As a result, I have more problems than most people.

I crashed a Sony Ericsson T610 within 30 seconds of touching one for the first time.

Today, I received my ebay-bought Nokia 770, and spent the afternoon playing with it.
Time to brick it, 6 hours 10 minutes. While waiting outside the drugstore, I turned it on (having turned it off, rather than put it to sleep, while picking up the dog), and it went into a loop of booting partially and then rebooting.

This is a new record for me.

So, I've now reflashed it, and will have to go thru and reinstall everything. again. and set everything up. again. le sigh.
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