Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium


So. Today was spent installing the new disposal. Too many trips to the hardware store. Too much stress and strain and swearing. But it's in. dishwasher is running. sink drains well. Nothing leaks except the faucet, which we'll look at replacing tomorrow.

Still unaccomplished:
  • Reinstalling windows on Rukbat for littlemystories (4 weeks overdue?).
  • Reinstalling linux on Rigel (I'm thinking Ubuntu Edgy Eft) (1.5 years overdue).
  • Upgrading mysql on Vodopan (I'm thinking perhaps switching vode to Edgy as well, as gentoo's frustrating me a little in terms of getting mysql 5 out of ~x86) (6 months overdue).
  • Finish hooking up the A/V equipment in the new entertainment center, including rehanging all the speakers (1 week overdue).
  • Cleaning the library, including reorganizing the bookshelves (several years overdue).
  • Cleaning the bunker. Again. (always overdue)
  • Burning the house down (7 years overdue).
  • Killing the entire human species, en mass (16 years overdue).
Tags: house, just another day, plumbing
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