Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

beaq very nicely has been dealing with venue-people for me, 'cause I hate that sort of thing. Makes my skin crawl. Today she called and got us in to look at a couple of event spaces: The Chinese Room at Smith Tower, and The Edgewater hotel.

The Chinese Room is very nice. The layout isn't anything special, it's got a capacity limit of 99, it has a few other inconveniences (parking, a single elevator, etc), but the space itself is nice, it's got a bar, and it's got One Hell of a View. The price is decent too.

The space at the Edgewater is nothing special in and of itself, but also has One Hell of a View. On the other hand, they only have one friday and one saturday left in all of 2007, if I understood correctly. Both, coincidentally, are in April. But still, inconvenient. And, finally, the food and drink minimum is $10,000 for a Friday and $13,000 for a Saturday. Um, yeah. NO.
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