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So I got it into my head yesterday to plan a vacation that would let me visit several people in quick succession. I ended up having to trim a bit for financial, time, and technical reasons, and ended up with three destinations over a week and a half. I've now heard from all the people I'd be visiting and got at least a "Yeah, okay" (my mother didn't seem overly enthusiastic, merely confirmed that I'd need a hotel and a car [she doesn't have room for me in her new house]).

So, now I just need to talk to my boss about actually taking the time off, and we can figure out when I'm going to do it. I suspect the original concept of early september won't wash, but we'll see.

I was actually surprised at the flight prices. Best I found for seattle to wichita to athens to colorado springs to seattle was $488, tho those flights all left before 6am. I can get more reasonable schedules for $550 or less. The hotel I'd like to stay at in wichita is $80/n, so that's probably out (as I had 5 nights scheduled there). You know what's bizzare? The 3star hotels in athens are more expensive than the 4star hotels in wichita. Wacky.
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