Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

ok, FINE.

if you don't know the questions, you've been under a rock the past week. lucky you.

1) yes, yes, and yes.
2) been worse. been better.
3) um. Statistically speaking, I wouldn't notice. I pretty much have to be smacked upside the head most of the time.
4) yes.
5) I'm an act utilitarian, so I can imagine that there could occur circumstances where it would be 'ok', or at least ethically required. But I can't imagine what those circumstances could possibly be.
6) probably. sap.
7) yes, actually. for insurance reasons only, mind you.
8) fuck. no.
9) what part of 'fuck no'...
10) oh, if the prospective parents were rich enough, I'd consider it. As long as they write me into the will.
11) smack me upside the head. or just tell me or something.
12) I'm easy to get, but not that easy to grok.
13) do you want the top ten? alphabetical? by start date?
14) no. lust certainly.
15) sometimes. as a practice it's been rather over commercialized like everything else.
16) certainly. it's just a question of applying sufficient energy. the trick is turning them into something other than a high-temperature plasma.
17) home
18) many
19) how is this not a duplicate of 13?
20) I sure hope so.
21) I'd certainly snark irritably at someone over my significant others. does that count?
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