Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

ok then.

loree just got off the phone with DirecTV. They're gonna credit us for one of the receivers, like they would for a new customer. They're giving us the 'HD Service' free for four months (only $40, but still). They're gonna spread the hardware cost across three months, which is nice, after giving us the $99 rebate as an immediate credit. The lease fee on the receiver only applies to one of them, but we /could/ buy the boxes outright if we /really/ wanted, at $399 each. $5/mo is 5 years to cover the $300 difference, so unless I end up keeping those receivers more than 5 years, I think it comes out a wash. It's entirely possible we /will/, I mean we've had the current receivers 7 years, but.. *shrug*. Having it as an option is okay at least.
Also, we apparently /could/ add more hd receivers later. They just can't do more than two in a single order. So, fine. If/when I decide I need them, I can get them. Cool.

So, problem solved. Now I just need to get the entertainment center bought/built and organized, so we can set up the new receivers and get everything wired together properly. Oy.
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