Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

File this under "understanding Marty":

When my great aunt Alice died, I inherited various things. A fat wad of stock paid for a lot of my furniture and the down payment on my house. Beyond that, a few kitchen things. A butter dish, a glass footed bowl, a mottled brown bowl, etc.

The footed bowl was broken when it was knocked off a table. I was a tad irked about that.

The brown bowl, which I like to use for noodles, and am /very/ fond of, have a significant sentimental attachment to... is now in the trash.
It cracked in the microwave a few months ago. I was just eating cheerios out of it, and the milk was leaking out through the crack, which had clearly spread. Sigh. So, I poured the contents into another bowl, and put it in the bin.

Fond as I am of it, it can no longer perform its function. It's not pretty, it's not decorative, keeping it would just waste space. So, it goes away.

datavore may explode without warning


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