Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Ok, wait. Let's back up a second, shall we?

MDM, if I could get it, offers abc, cbs, kcts, fox, wb, hgtv, foodtv, nbc, kong, discovery, and other such things in HD. according to their list.

Comcast has starz, hbo, cinemax, showtime, tnt, and discovery in HD.

DirecTV has tnt, discovery, bravo, hbo, showtime, and some generic movie/ppv channels in HD.

So, lemme think here for a second.

Ignore MDM, since it's pointless. Comcast has four hd movie channels that I'd care about, and discovery hd. directv has /two/ hd movie channels that I'd care about, and discovery.

That's it?

So.. upgrading /right now/, I'm getting... next to nothing for my HD buck. I'd get more improvement in the signals I /actually use/ by setting up to pull in OTA local HD.

Of course, in the future, as other channels start putting out HD feeds, it would just /work/. and the DirecTV HD boxes /do/ support OTA HD reception, with their add-on antenna.

So, upgrading DirecTV, for example, for as much as $250 up front, and $11/month more, I'm gaining /some/ HD signals (that extra $50 gets me local OTA, frex), and painless expansion as more HD channels come up.

Hm. Well, yeah, ok. I can deal with that, I think.
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