Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

This morning, I called Schwab and told them to cash in all my remaining options from Amazon. 112 shares, which would have expired friday. That money will go into savings to pay for the birthday party.

Then I thought, hey, I have other stock. I should see what it's doing.

I haven't looked at my e*trade account in.. quite a long time. Since they bought Harris (my previous broker, who bought freeman wellwood(?), my previous previous broker), in fact. Looks like they've been charging me fees. I have a $138.48 cash debit against my account.

I think I'm going to sell off most of my stock (everything that I can sell for more than their $14/trade commission), get them to give me certificates for the remainder, then close the account. Their website is very helpful when you want to send them certificates to add to your account. Not a word about going the other way.

I think I'll hold onto the MSFT, since my 4 shares are currently worth roughly what I paid each for the original two(?) shares some 6 years ago. I'll sell the APPL, 'cause it's actually worth something ($300). I'll hold the HOTT and the LU, 'cause they're trading less than $14/share.

Then I'll have one fewer company to actively resent. sigh.
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