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Went to the doctor today.. He showed up for my 415 appointment at 445, and rushed thru 'cause he was late for a meeting. But it wasn't too bad. Told me to keep doing what I'm doing.

Came home and made myself dinner... A steak that spent the night in the fridge sharing a baggy with garlic, garlic salt, garlic pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, and salt. That plus tater tots and some veggies. Damned tasty.

Then Stargate.
While watching the episode where the russians open a gate to a water world - I'm sure it's just a coincidence - I decided to go poke at the shower. For a while now we haven't been getting very good hot water pressure. It recently got a lot worse, so we can barely have enough pressure to run the shower without having to mix in too much cold. The bathroom sink is the same way. We have hot water at other faucets, so it's not the water heater. I pulled the line into the sink and got plenty of pressure. So, it's in the faucets. The faucets are of the same material, and the same age, and probably the same maker. So, I disassembled the tub faucet. I have to say, the internal design is REALLY stupid. I the the problem was a rubber gasket from the hot water valve deteriorating, stretching from the water flowing by, and blocking the tiny little hole the water goes thru on its way to the outlet. I removed the gasket - it was already missing from the cold side - and reassembled things, and it WORKS. It works better than it ever has since we moved in. Go me! The sink will be a little harder, but now that I know what to expect, it shouldn't take as long.

La la. I'm gonna go take a shower now. Tomorrow, I'll try to remember to pick up some CLR or Lime-away or something to degunk the shower head.
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