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Work is less pissing-me-off and more annoying and worrying. I've decided that I'm cutting Lydia and Clyde slack, this being their first significant launch each. They can fuck it up this time, do everything wrong. Fine. But I'm not letting it happen again. Next time they come to me and say they need an alpha port set up using my content and software in an afternoon I'm saying no. I expect all of you to hold me to that.

In other news, Lydia FINALLY saw the light. Yes, Virginia, we DO need another webdev. But we don't have headcount. We only have one open headcount, and that's for an SDE. But, apparently, if we can get someone as technically talented as I am, we can hire a webdev into the position to be an 'SDE-UI' as she said it, or a front-end SDE as I've been saying it. Well, unfortunately I don't actually KNOW anybody who can do what I do and would be willing to. (Don't get me wrong, I know some damned bright people, but most of them are distinctly on one side of the WDE/SDE line; few straddle it as I do) So I suggested we could move me into that slot and hire a normal webdev into my current slot. I already asked one webdev I know who's not happy with his job, and will ask some others if he turns it down.

In an interesting coincidence, I was JUST having a conversation with someone asking if I'd be interested in bailing from Amazon and starting up some other enterprise. I said I would, but the financial constraints are strong. There's no idea yet, this was just a feeler. But it's exactly what I've always wanted to do.. It's what MidSys is /for/, after all.. Doing our own thing, our way, the Right Way, and being wildly successful at it. But we just haven't figured out what that Thing is yet that'll let us support ourselves. Sigh.

I suggested fast food, ordered via the internet. But, wouldn't you know it, is already taken.
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