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Status Report

I'm sitting in the game room. To my right, an empty snack-size back of Cheetos and a just-opened snack-size bag of 'oreo thin crisps', 'cause they sounded too weird not to try.
To my left, a can of diet dr pepper, an am empty bottle of russian vodka (Русский Стандарт Platinum). I didn't drink the vodka, but I'm claiming the bottle 'cause it looks cool.
On the table to my left, my ipod, set to shuffle the 'Rated 4+' playlist. Connected to that, my MDR-V600 headphones, on my head.
On my lap, Dobropan (work-owned black macbook).
Variously in my hand or on the chair to my right, Ruby in a Nutshell.

Also, having just tried the oreos... they're not that great.
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