Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

A'ight, so, Bejeweled and Zuma, on the iPod. Now you know.
Most of the office was packed into the front conference room trying to watch the streaming webcast, but it was dead. So most of us seem to be sitting at our desks watching Gizmodo and

Unrelatedly, I just overheard someone talking about the Tivo series 3, which I was looking at a review of last night.
$800. And for $200, you can transfer an existing lifetime service over to an S3. So, for $1000, I could upgrade to an HD tivo with two cablecard inputs. That's probably getting close to what I could build a mythtv box for, if I were to build an entirely new machine. Using an existing system would probably reduce it. Hm.
But, here's the thing.. IF I were to switch to Millenium cable, the full HD package would, it looks like, cost me slightly less than I'm paying for non-HD DirecTV now. IF I can plug their service into the two cablecards on the tivo, AND a series2 Tivo can watch series3 content over the network (s2 can talk to s2 now, and there's no technical reason they couldn't do s2/s3, but you never know), AND I could /not/ have service on my s2 and JUST use it as a client for the S3, then I wouldn't /need/ two DVRs, or to build my own system. So, I need to talk to millenium, see what their deal is, talk to tivo, see if the s2/s3 thing works and if I can make my s2 client-only, and see if that'll all work out. If so, I'd probably move forward with that plan.

In the probable case where tivo says the s2/s3 can't share content OR I can't run my s2 client-only without paying a monthly fee, then I'll quite happily build my own system to replace them.

I'd really rather stick with DirecTV. They've been pretty good to me so far. But yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get screwed on their HD service, esp with the decoder lease and such. That's the only reason I'd consider cable. Comcast is right out, since Comcast is the devil.
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