Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

So, then

How I spent my weekend vacation, by Marty (age 3 x 10^1)

Saturday morning, loree and I got up and drove to Honda of Bellevue to drop Joshua off for his overdue 30kmi service.
Then we drove up to Redmond to hit Brownbag for breakfast. It was, I have to say, a little disappointing. The chicken fried steak was... less good than I'm used to.
After that, we drove back to Bellevue and the Lexus dealership there. And we test drove a 400h. It's very nice (very x 10^100). It's a little expensive, tho. With all the cash I could possibly muster at the moment, and the maximum conceivable tradein value for joshua, I'd still end up owning more than twice what I ended up owing on joshua when I bought him. So, until I go and check my lottery tickets, I'll have to do without.
Then we went home, and loree went off to a tea party until Honda called to say josh was ready, and she came back to get me. We pick up my car and head off to Redmond again to hang out with hollyking and hollyqueen. We went to Coho for dinner, then back to their place to hang out. Played a couple hands of Fluxx, then beaq called me.
It seems jodawi fell down, went boom, broke arm while they were hiking on the peninsula and was being airlifted to Harborview, and could I drive sebab there. Sure, no problem. Called sebab to coordinate, said it'd be 20-30min, scrambled around a bit moving things between cars, discovered I needed gas, finally got on 520 sixteen minutes later. BUT, I was driving past the place /right/ on time. Except, I got confused about the address and missed it, had to call, etc.
Went to hospital. Dropped sebab off at the ER entrance (or as close as I could get), went to find parking, walked back. Got to strip for security (well, had to take my belt off. She never blinked at the large pocket knife I put in the tray). Caught up with sebab around 10:45 and waited. We'd been told it'd be an hour or so, since he was going thru CAT and xray. Finally got in to see him around 1230. Plans were made as to whether and how to make beaq feel bad for making people go Outside. It was decided to wait until arm fixed. ER got busy between 230 and 4; casualties from Bar O'Clock, I think. jodawi got moved to a hallway around 4ish, where we got to watch a kid who came in wearing cuffs, escorted by SPD, with a very nice face full of blood. I didn't bother to eavesdrop on his story, but it seemed to involve his complete innocence from any wrongdoing, and some other guy beating the crap out of him. It was eventually decided that we should leave, since there was no way to know how long they'd keep jodawi in the hallway, but as we were leaving, a nurse said they were about to move him. So, we stuck around, and followed when he was moved to his room. Got him settled, wrote phone numbers down, and proceeded to get lost trying to exit the hospital. I was attempting to reverse the route we'd taken from the ER, but there was a one-way door somewhere along the line that confused me.
Finally found the exit, took sebab home, came back to Nerdvana, and fell into bed around 6am.

Sunday, woke up around noon. Dragged myself out of bed, had some 'food' (as I recall, reheated leftover hashbrowns from brownbag and a bagel). Sat about for a little while, finally worked up the ambition to go shop for cameras. Between CompUSA, BestBuy, Circuit City, and Fry's, I managed to locate working examples of two of the three cameras I went to look at. Bought some paper and other random stuff at Fry's, came home, and basically vegetated for the rest of the day. Felt, as you can probably imagine, crappy and off center all day. Stomach started bothering me in the evening.

Woke up this morning feeling sufficiently crappy to stay home.
Didn't occur to me until I started reading LJ that it was probably a good day to avoid going outside. Except, of course, that means staying home and watching TV, which could be much worse. Damnit.

Oh well. How was your weekend?
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