Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

I never really thought of it that way

Let me, for a moment, talk about the famous Aeron chair, made by Herman Miller. They cost about $900. This is about $800 more than a cheap office chair from OfficeDepot or Staples.

They are much more comfortable than cheap chairs. If you get the right size and adjust it properly, most people can sit in them all day long without feeling uncomfortable. The back and seat are made out of a kind of mesh that lets air flow so you don’t get sweaty. The ergonomics, especially of the newer models with lumbar support, are excellent.

They last longer than cheap chairs. We’ve been in business for six years and every Aeron is literally in mint condition: I challenge anyone to see the difference between the chairs we bought in 2000 and the chairs we bought three months ago. They easily last for ten years. The cheap chairs literally start falling apart after a matter of months. You’ll need at least four $100 chairs to last as long as an Aeron.

So the bottom line is that an Aeron only really costs $500 more over ten years, or $50 a year. One dollar per week per programmer.

- A Field Guide to Developers

I own two Aerons. I bought myself one for home back in '99, I think, and got to buy me one for work. I had to leave the work one behind when I moved to Amazon, but a month in a shit-tastic armless we-want-you-dead-or-maimed model got me to spend part of my starting bonus on another one for work, in late 2000.

The home one is still in perfect condition. it's dirty, badly in need of some aggressive dusting, but it's undamaged.
The work one has had the seat replaced once, and the tilt adjustment lever has broken off. I haven't gotten around to having the lever fixed for various reasons, tho I need to call the guy and do that.
I'm quite happy with them. I've never regretted the money spent on them.
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