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Random Consumer Whorism

So, I've been pondering getting a new camera for quite a long while now. My antique Powershot S100 is less than the paragon of convenience and speed. And, since I was just thinking that I need to take a photo of me playing Zuma on the 50" plasma and wondering where my camera is, I started thinking of it again. So, I figured I'd toss the question out to y'all.

I'm looking for something small. Something I can carry in a jeans pocket if necessary, a shirt pocket, etc.

I'm looking for at LEAST 5MP.

I'm looking for as much optical zoom as possible. I don't care about digital zoom, it sucks and I'll never use it. If it comes with digital zoom, I would prefer to be able to disable it entirely. At minimum, it needs to have a NON-seamless transition between optical and digital (The S100 will stop when you hit the end of optical, pause, then start into digital zoom. so I can zoom all the way and avoid going into digital. The Sony with the touchscreen has the ability to disable digital zoom altogether).

I'm looking for something with either a dock you can just drop the camera into OR a wireless connection (obviously wifi is preferable, but I've only heard of one camera with it. bluetooth is acceptable, but would be painfully slow). The current inconvenience of having to pull the memory card and plug it into the computer is a real pain in the ass and means I tend to go much longer between unloading pictures. Optimal would be a dock that charges the batteries and connects to the mac, so I can just leave it in there when I'm not using it, and pick it up as I head out the door.

I'm looking for something fast. A lot of the pictures I'd like to take are sudden or short-term things. A funny license plate, while at a stop light, for example. I need something I can whip out, click, click, done. The S100 takes a good 3 seconds to turn on, when its feeling cooperative, and will frequently take a good 10-15 seconds to realize I want it to take the picture after I hit the button. This is increasing as the poor thing ages.

I would prefer the ability to use a memory format I already own. CF is perfect, esp if it can use a 1GB microdrive. Memorystick is acceptable, SD is acceptable. I just don't want to add any more memory-that-only-one-device-can-use laying around.

So, I know there are a lot of units out there that fit into what I'm looking for. I've particularly had my eye on the Sony cybershot DSC-W50/70/100 or the DSC-N1 with the touchscreen. Anybody have comments on those, or suggestions for others I should be sure to look at?
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