Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Stylist wanted

Anybody out there good with S2 styles?
I want a style that I can read on my phone. Flexible Squares, my current style, does NOT work well. The body content ends up squished to about one word wide. Hard to read like that.

I tried switching to a hacked Magazine for a while, but it looks /awful/ on the big screen.

So, what I'd /like/ is an S2 style that's smart enough to figure out if I'm coming in from a handheld device - I'm willing to pass an extra param in the URL if neccessary, as long the param gets included in all subsequent urls, particularly 'previous' etc - and changes the layout: drop the right column (my icon, and the calendar), and move the userpic from a floating square on the right to just another block above the title.

I wonder if it would be as simple as including another stylesheet, media="handheld".. supposedly pocketIE (and presumably opera and minimo) will properly handle such a stylesheet... have that stylesheet hide the appropriate bits, and change the float on the userpics...
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