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Figured I should update my blog at Amazon...

Vell, 'ello dere!
4:11 PM PDT, August 31, 2006
So, it's been a while huh? Almost two months since my last post. Sorry about that. I, uh.. got busy.

So, you know by now that I left Amazon. My last day was 6 July, and I started at Popcap on the 17th. Spent a couple days getting my environment set up - they gave me a sexy new Apple MacBook - and figuring out what I was going to be doing. Then I dove into the project. First thing they've had me doing is a release management system for the website. I took some of the things I learned at Amazon about how to and - importantly - how NOT to manage website deployment, adjusted for the massively different levels of complexity and size, and came up with the Deploymotron 1500 Turbo. Initially estimated it at 12 weeks. Phase one is complete now, six weeks later. I'm quite happy with myself.

Next, I'll be making various improvements to Deploymotron (coming up, the 3000GT, and then the 3000 Eddie Bauer edition), and starting to work with HR to automate a lot of our paperwork. Too much paper, too much hassle. I never want to file a paper expense report again.

How're things going in your world?
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