Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

well FUCK

My cell phone is, apparently, dead.

I pulled it out at lunch, discovered it was off, turned it on, and set it on the table to boot.
We checked it a few minutes later, and it was off. Wouldn't turn back on.
Ok, maybe the battery is dead. It's been plugged in since monday, but whatever. Maybe the connection was loose or something. Got back to the office, plugged it into an adapter I have here. Nothing. Not even the charging light. That's not good. Pull the battery, put it back in. pul it and leave it out. reset, power and reset, reset and power, NOTHING. It's completely unresponsive.

So, I think I shall be accosting a convenient tmobile store soon.

Meanwhile, don't try to get ahold of me by cell. I might dig out one of my spares and pop the sim in, but none of them would be charged until tomorrow anyway.
Tags: computers suck
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