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Republic Parking is teh suck

So, we signed up to park at Fountain Court, an apartment building across the street from Popcap. The garage is run by Republic Parking, and is unattended. I signed up online, and they mailed me the parking pass very quickly. I was pleased.

Today, I go to park. The doors to the garage are shut, and they don't open automagically. Ok. Well. Call them. Oh, you need a remote. I wasn't told that. Well, you have to come to our office to get one. Ok, fine.

Drive over to 2nd and Broad, pay for an hour of street parking, 'cause that's the minimum, find their office. Oh, it's a $125 deposit for the remote. Cash or check only. Go outside, find an ATM, pay the foreign ATM's fee, get cash. Get remote. Back to parking lot.

So, I'm parked. I took the remote with me, because I'm not sure I can get BACK into the garage without it. I'll try the door, and see if it's locked or not. I would /hope/ it is. But they didn't say anything about a pass to get thru the door. If it's locked, I'll call and ask them about that too. If they say there is one, but they never mentioned it to me, I shall have Words for them.

Anyway. At work now, finally. Time to eat my no-doubt-cold-by-now breakfast.
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