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So, Rukbat is my old windows box. A 1.2ghz Athlon, gig and a half of ram, on an ASUS A7V133 motherboard. Nice double-fan heat sink I've always been quite happy with. the A7V133 has four IDE channels, two ATA/66 IDE channels, plus two Ultra100 channels attached to a Promise RAID chip. The second set will either act as a RAID or just regular drives. I used to have two 120GB WD caviars connected, in a RAID1 mirror, and I kept the MP3s on it. One of the drives died, and I shut the machine down until I could replace the drive. That was a year or so ago. Lame, I know.

So, I was at Fry's the other day, and they had a decent deal on some 300GB Seagates. Figured that was a decent upgrade. Bought 'em. Finally went to install them last night. Pull the bad 120, and set it aside. Moved the good 120 to slave on the primary IDE channel, under the system drive, so I could pull the data off when the new RAID is up. Installed the new drives.

Wouldn't start. Now, this motherboard and/or case has always been a bitch about restarting after being shut down. So, much futzing. No love. Gave up. Came home today, unplugged everything, plugged it back in, joy, it boots.

The raid bios sees two 130GB drives. Lame. Ok, whatever, let's get into windows then see if there's newer bios available.

Windows doesn't see the array at all. Well, shit.

I go ahead and upgrade to the last bios released, a beta one step above what I've got. Doesn't, as I feared it wouldn't, affect the Promise controller. What the hell, let's switch to separate drive mode and see if windows can do the mirroring. Shut down, change the jumper, and restart. Still no drives. Ok, maybe 'cause I left them part of the array. Switch back to raid, delete the array, switch back to standard, reboot. No drives. Fine. Maybe windows is just REALLY STUPID. Maybe if I fdisk them first. boot to the dos disk used to upgrade bios, and fdisk. there are the drives, full size. create a dos partition on each. reboot to windows. no drives. Wait, what? DOS can see my drives, but WINDOWS can't? WTF?

So, fuck it. I'm done. Rukbat is officially retired as a file server. I'm going to pull the 300s, and the 120. That leaves a.. 40gb? I think? something like that. It's got WinXP on it, a nice legal copy. 3dFx Voodoo card in the AGP slot, network card, soundblaster of some sort. It's got three CD or DVD drives in it, for some reason. I'll be pulling at least two of them (one is flaky, I think, and goes on the junk pile). The case is a full tower from colorcase (who don't exist anymore, I think). 4 5.25" external bays, 1 3.5" external bay, 1 floppy bay, and 5 internal 3.5" bays.

If anybody WANTS the box, I'd be happy to see if off to a good home. Otherwise, it's just going to sit idle with the rest of the museum.

If you're interested, email me. I'll consider all the requests I get and decide who needs it most.

I can even kick in the roll-around platform I made for it, if you want it.
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