Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

My train of thought is constantly going off the tracks

a) I just finished catching up on the podast. I subscribed months ago, but - like the Make podcast - never bothered to watch. Now I've watched them all. Some interesting stuff comes thru there.
b) I've been passing interesting urls to the MOO.
c) On Sedna, I've got an old version of Konfabulator installed. I actually paid to register it, back in the day. I've written some little widgets, like one that computes how old I am and how long until my birthdays. One of them lets me quickly and easily email urls (or, really, whatever text is on my clipboard) to myself or the moo. I decided that would be useful to have on my windows box, which is where I've been working most of the day. Unfortunately, Konfabulator is no more. It was bought by Yahoo! and is now Yahoo Widgets. I've avoided upgrading. But, I'm downloading the windows version now, and will try to port my widgets over.
d) As long as I'm spreading URLs around, maybe I should bother posting them to CyborgFolly again.
e) expires in two months. GoDaddy just sent me the 60-day warning. Given how incredibly bad I am about updating it, should I let it expire?

Poll #760515 Silly Robot, blogs are for lifeforms.

Should I

let expire?
renew the domain but find something else to do with it?
renew the domain and not worry about whether I'm actually using it?
renew the domain, write some widgets to make updating it more convient, and try harder to keep content on it?
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