Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

I got my formal offer letter today. I have until the 30th to sign it.

loree and I also put together a spreadsheet of our recurring monthly expenses, to work out something like a budget. I think, based on this, that we can afford to upgrade to a T1 line /IF/ I pay the difference entirely myself. $400/m instead of $100, but it doubles the downpipe, quadruples the uppipe, and comes with SLA and monitoring. No more 6-hour outages until I can come home. I hope.
I'm not overly fond of quadrupling the payment just to double the download speed. I don't care THAT much about upload speed, do I? Well, I suppose if I get a Slingbox, it would be good.
The SLA would be very nice.

I dunno. I suppose I'll call Speakeasy and talk to them about it. Or let them talk me into it. Whatever.
Tags: popcap, work
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