Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Working in the office today.

Got Kralomoc and Moshtari installed on the rack thursday night, and spent time last night trying to get Moshtari to boot. It won't. So today, after futzing with it some more, I gave up and plugged in Kralomoc. Clean, no problems. It noted that the drives were in a different physical arrangement and it was updating the logical drive - I love smart firmware. So, is, for the moment, back online. I'll need to rerun the network cables, but.

Moshtari I'm a little irked with. Nothing's complaining, it just never starts booting. The power supplies and fans all spin up, it makes a hell of a noise, but the lcd never changes (just shows the lcd firmware version from when you turn it on), video never comes up, nothin'. It does blink the CD light a bit, but not enough to imply booting. The next step, I think, is going to involve pulling all but one or two of the procs (Moshtari's an octoproc xeon box) and see if that works better. It might just be a power thing (apparently the 8500 /can/ run in the ocotoproc configuration as 110v IF both power supplies are in use, which they are, but).

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