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Oh for fuck's sake

So, Tivo isn't pushing software 7.2.2 to boxes with specific models of network adapter, because of a driver problem. If you received the software, you'd lose your network.
I had such an adapter. So I went out yesterday and bought a replacement, one that isn't on the list of bad adapters.

Still, I don't get the software.

I search their site, but don't find anything relevant.

I google it. I find a forum. Buried at the bottom of a week-and-a-half-long thread, I find one line, responding to a post much earlier, saying that no, replacing your network adapter won't get you the new software. Apparently they've just got a list somewhere of all the units that shouldn't get this software, and they'll NEVER get it. "But we will try to make sure those held back are first to receive the next update."

I think perhaps I will call them later and ask them to remove my unit from the list. I don't expect to come out of this without at least a headache.

I'm sorry.. you KNOW what adapter we're using. That's how you made the list in the first place. Why can't you tell when we've CHANGED adapters, and automagically unblock the upgrade? It's really can't be that complicated.
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