Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Ok, now this is just STUPID

I've registered all six domains. And now I'm working on the logo.
And now I'm having second thoughts, both about which the official ordering is, and about the whole name. I'm no longer sure, having just spend $50 on it, that I like it.

Anyway, the current new official name is Six More Degrees. The logo I'm working on replaces the '[BETA]' tag with 'MORE', more or less. Hence, I also registered sixdegreesmore.*. I'm now thinking maybe I like THAT better.

But, anyway. the .coms were registered last night and should be working for you. the .orgs and .nets were just registered and won't be up for a while (I haven't even set up DNS for them yet).

For now, they'll all redirect to, until I figure out a good way to switch over the cookies.
Tags: 6d, the naming of names
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