Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Profile security

So, I'm implementing profile security finally.
I'm going to have two levels. Currently called 'Public' and 'Friends'.
The problem is that 'Friends' isn't.
That security level is actually defined as 'You have a link to them with a positive "score"'. 'score' is currently calculated as the average weight of the relationship types tied to the link.

So, if you 'Likes' someone who is also your 'Nemesis', the link score is -7, and they aren't a 'friend'. they aren't, in the language of the internal code, 'trusted'.
On the other hand, if you 'Have met' someone, the score is 1, and thus they are 'trusted' by the code.

So, 'Friends' is not a good description of the security level. 'Positive relationship score' is both wordy and probably confusing. What would a good, preferably one-word, name be? Something that will show up in a dropdown on the Profile page.
Tags: 6d
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